Listen to Riri’s new song “A Night” in her commercial for Dior.

Rihanna's New Dior Commercial

Rihanna’s Dior advertisement is a breath of American oxygen.

Rihanna continues figuring out what R8 route she wants to navigate by using one of her new songs in the Steven Klein-directed high-fashion couture advertisement for Dior. The track is titled “A Night,” a sample of Florence + The Machine’s “Only If For a Night.”

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“Rihanna‘s mystery and intrigue combined with her razor-sharp looks and sensibility, are the essential, perfect elements to create the stage for Secret Garden,” Klein said in a statement. Rihanna added:

“[It’s] such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color. I think to be acknowledged by Dior means a lot, as a woman, to feel beautiful – to feel elegant and timeless.”

The visual is 60 seconds of Rihanna glammed up running through and posing in a multi-million dollar french home. As for the music, we’re only blessed with a tiny taste from the new song, but what we’ve heard thus far is promising, if only for a night. However, it is yet one more reminder Rihanna has no idea what direction she wants to run with – whether it’s in an expensive designer dress or not.

Watch it here:

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