Don’t act like you forgot.

Rihanna's Latest "***** Betta Have My Money" Remix From Flosstradamus

You will jam to “***** Betta Have My Money” whether you like it or not.

We could write another article about Rihanna not knowing the direction of R8 and how sloppy and misinformed that makes her look, but really, joke’s on us. We continue waving the Navy flag and highlight all her recent musical tidbits no matter how great or small, including the plethora of remixes #BBHMM has produced (one by Diplo & Grandtheft, another from R3hab and the best we’ve heard yet – a mashup of Britney Spears’ “Work *****” with #BBHMM titled “***** Betta Work”), and this one from Flosstradamus is another to add to the ever-growing list. So while we remain bitter Rihanna hasn’t stormed the charts like she usually does, she’s busy sitting back laughing and plotting a return we apparently aren’t ready for.

Listen to the new remix below:

What do you think of the latest Rihanna “***** Betta Have My Money” remix?