Rihanna’s Late-Night Studio Sesh Won’t Suffice, The Navy Creates ‘ANTi’ Petition

January 7, 2016 By Jordan Miller

She’s working hard on the album, but is it too little too late?

Rihanna’s fanbase is beginning to turn on her.

The story of why, when and how ANTi will debut has become a greater focal point than the music itself. Though she’s publicly stated it’ll be done when it’s done, amidst a meltdown from producer Glass John (who claims Travis Scott is to blame for putting unkind thoughts in her head) and a confusing digital campaign with Samsung, her fans have officially grown tired of waiting.

Rihanna’s Seventh ANTIdiaRy Room Officially Open

Riri was spotted leaving a recording studio in New York City late Wednesday night, but that hasn’t stopped her fans from creating an online petition urging the singer to drop the album… by this Friday.


It reads:

In the beginning, I was skeptical of the AntiDiaRy rollout namely because I didn’t understand what any of it meant and to be completely honest, there are certain elements in each room that still don’t make sense to me. After reading a discussion thread on Twitter that debunked each room’s meaning, I absolutely fell in love with the AntiDiaRy because it was so uniquely portrayed and really told Rih’s life story in full detail. Now with that being said, the amount of time it’s taken to unlock each dang room is beginning to annoy the crap out of me because I too crave all the new music behind the project, just like everybody else, and due to the lack of single release or tracklisting or really anything about the project, it’s tremendously concerning. Even more so when there’s speculation of the ANTI Bedroom only holding a release date for the album and not actually holding the album. I believe it’s highly unlikely that the album will drop tomorrow even with this petition in motion, though I’d highly recommend using the power of this petition to request that the album be released along with final room of the AntiDiaRy only because it makes sense to put us through the whole promotional stint to end with the album’s release or at least pull a Madonna and let us have half the album or something!

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