One of the songs samples Florence + The Machine’s 2011 song “Only If For A Night.”


The deluxe version of Rihanna’s new album features new songs.

That’s 16 tracks in total, including the three additions titled “Goodnight Gotham,” “Pose” and “*** With Me” – available on iTunes now.

You might be familiar with “Goodnight Gotham” as it samples Florence + The Machine’s 2011 song “Only If For A Night.” Nearly a year ago, Florence Welch said she was “thrilled” Rihanna wanted to borrow her work “because I’m such a huge fan.” Adding, “she sent me the song and I said ‘of course…’ It’s bound to be an interesting collaboration between the two – Rihanna’s organic vocals should mesh perfectly with the song’s dramatic ambiance. I love it when stuff like that happens. When people reimagine your music. I love when it has different forms.”

“Pose” is the closest sound Rihanna will allow herself to bubble gum pop, and “*** With Me” is an auto-tuned robotic mid-tempo jam about… having *** with Rihanna. “Stay up off my Instagram for your temptation.”

We’re impressed. Rihanna managed to produce a dope record despite the obstacles and major hoopla surrounding it. The album was downloaded more than a million times yesterday and streamed over 13 million times in 14 hours.

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