Producer Mally Mall says Rihanna has plans to jump on a song with rapper ************.

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Look, I’m thirsty for new Riri music, but not so desperate that I’m willing to agree to her possible plans to collaborate with late rapper, ************. X was fatally shot in earlier this year.

Last week, Pitchfork unearthed an audio clip of *** admitting to having stabbed eight people.

Mally Mall dropped the news in an interview on Power 106’s The Cruz Show.

“We actually have nine more songs with X that are coming out,” he said. “One is going to go to Rihanna.”

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This is obviously very problematic for Rihanna.

If you haven’t yet connected to the dots… Rihanna was physically abused by Chris Brown in 2009 and has remained an activist for women against domestic violence in the time since.

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I don’t see this happening. Ri just made the news for taking a stand against the NFL – read more about that here – no way she’ll collaborate with someone who was so wretched and twisted during their brief time alive.

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