The best Christmas surprise just got ruined.


Rihanna is reportedly releasing her long-awaited eighth album “ANTI” tomorrow on Christmas Eve.

The Today Show tweeted the announcement this evening (Dec. 23) hyping up the singer’s impatient fans before subsequently deleting the tweet.

It’s easy to brush this off as another rumour and roll our eyes because we feel like we’re not getting this album until 2025 but since when does Team Rihanna react to the hearsay? The biggest frustration of this sporadic album campaign has been the nonchalance of it all, so the reaction does seem a little odd.


Rihanna has released three singles this year with accompanying videos, leaked snippets and one interlude, announced a world tour in support of the unreleased album, promoted a sock line and PUMA designs more than said singles, and spent the past month teasing the album with videos on a website,

The countdown videos have been made much less exciting because of virtual keys, Samsung and the simple exhaustion of having to work to hear music we’ve been waiting over three years for. However, we are currently in “room 6” which means there is only one room left before we enter “room 8.”

To put it simply (I don’t blame you if you’ve not paid attention to it all) “room 8” on the website is “R8” which is “ANTI” meaning I’m 99.9% confident that we’ll finally get the album whenever the bloody virtual door opens.

Rihanna, I beg you, open “room 7” tonight and give us all what we’ve been waiting for.

Merry Christmas, maybe.