JAY-Z’s agency Roc Nation is now in charge of selecting entertainment for the NFL.

UPDATE: Rihanna has indirectly responded to JAY and his connection to the Super Bowl. She liked the following post on Instagram:


JAY-Z made a power play. His company Roc Nation now has the power to influence and even choose who performs at the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, as well as selecting performers for other NFL-related content throughout the season. The deal also supports the NFL’s social justice endeavors.

First thing’s first… this is not a ruse to get JAY to perform.

“He was very quick to say that he does not want this to be about him performing, that it was broader than that,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “It quickly went beyond that. Do I hope he’ll perform in the Super Bowl sometime in the next several years? Yes. But I think we’ll all know if that time comes. He’ll know in particular.”

“I think we have autonomy,” JAY-Z said in a statement. “I anticipate that there will be a lot of — with any big organization, in this building right here we have internal problems. Anything that’s new is going to go through its growing pains. We put what we want to do on the table. The NFL agreed to it. So we’re gonna proceed with that as if we have a partnership.”

At a press conference, reporters brought up the fact that Rihanna reportedly turned down performing at this year’s show, and asked JAY if he has any plans to get her to eventually reconsider.

“You have to ask her,” he said. ‘That’s a tough question.”

Rihanna, who is currently signed under Roc Nation, is currently working on her ninth studio album and managing a lucrative beauty empire, so it’s unlikely she’ll take the stage in 2020 when the Super Bowl storms Miami. The most obvious candidate is Jennifer Lopez.

“Yeah, we’ve thought about the Super Bowl and it’s in Miami, it’s a big deal but we’ll see,” JLo said earlier this year. “They make their own decisions over there.”

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