Her impact.

Rihanna’s eighth studio album, ANTI, debuted at No. 27 on the Billboard 200 before topping the chart the following week, and it’s never left.

ANTI has lived on the Billboard 200 for 200 weeks as of this week, making it the first album by a black woman in the chart’s 61-year history to surpass 200 weeks.

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The record produced a string of hits that sonically haven’t aged, including “Work,” which peaked at No. 1, as well as “Needed Me,” “Kiss It Better,” and “Love On The Brain.”

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  1. beyonce can stay pressed
    maybe she needs to release an album without her annoying husband
    Rihanna needs to release an album
    so does brinni
    ugh i am so bored of hearing cameltoe Cabello

  2. WELL DESERVED. I’ll admit that ANTI is typically not my cup of tea. I find BEYONCΓ‰ and LEMONADE sonically a better a listen than this because it had slutty themes and bops. BUT I will say, I guess it’s true what they say about making timeless, classic music. Cause whenever I listen to ANTI, it’s always exquisite. LEMONADE didn’t age well.

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