Rihanna Spotted At The Recording Studio #R8

Rihanna embraces her inner Neve Campbell at the recording studio.

Riri is hard at work on her new album! Photogs caught her at the studio Sunday night in New York City looking fine, fresh, fierce.

Neyo might be in the running to work on “R8.” He recently said he worked with Rihanna, but isn’t sure if he’ll make the cut:

“I actually have seen Rihanna recently. The conversation wasn’t really music it was just reuniting and how you been. We didn’t really talk music. I went into the studio for her not too long ago to do some stuff, I don’t know what’s being kept or what-not. I noticed she’s got a few things coming, she’s got a new album in the works. She’s doing a lot of stuff all at one time right now.”

Normally, she releases an album every six months, but I’m satisfied she’s taking her time. Good things come to those who wait!

Rihanna in all her glory:

Rihanna Spotted At The Recording Studio #R8