Check out an inside look at Rihanna recording the R8 song.

Rihanna Shares Behind-The-Scenes Footage Recording BBHMM

More went into recording “***** Better Have My Money” than you thought.

In an effort to promote the spiraling music streaming service TIDAL, Rihanna shared exclusive footage of her recording “***** Better Have My Money” behind-the-scenes, and it’s relatively tame compared to how we originally pictured it.

Set in a private estate in Santa Barbara, CA, Rihanna rocks a backwards hat throughout the recording process as she plays, listens, sings, repeats. Her strategy seems far more calculated than organic, which on the surface is a bit disappointing. We assumed Rihanna popped a bottle of Crystal after finishing the recording, but instead the camera shows her focus as she soaks up her potential hit.

It appears on TIDAL, but this is the Internet in 2015 and nothing can be contained.

Via Ultimate Music

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