Rihanna’s much anticipated eigth studio album is finally nearing a release!

Rihanna held a special art gallery viewing tonight in Los Angeles tonight (Oct. 7). Fans and journalists were specially invited to the event, and with good reason: Rih officially dropped the R8 cover art (front and back)!

While there is no release date, title or track list available yet, we hope to expect more news soon as this mark’s Rihanna’s first public announcement of her new album. With 2015 coming to a close, we hope we can finish the year with a new Rihanna LP.

She said at the event, “This is my favorite album cover I’ve ever done.”

Word on the street is the cover art features braille from her favorite poem #R8 and is titled “ANTI.” The artist who dreamed it up, Roy Nachum, posted a visual of him creating it. He said: “Painting the cover of Rihanna’s 8th studio album “IF THEY LET US” @BadGalRiri #R8 #RihxRoy #Rihanna #OfficialAlbumArtCover”

Painting the cover of Rihanna's 8th studio album "IF THEY LET US" @BadGalRiri #R8 #RihxRoy #Rihanna #OfficialAlbumArtCover

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Gerrick Kennedy for the L.A. Times says Rihanna’s first day of daycare inspired the cover for her new album, adding “the largest piece in the room, a Braille “R” on a cream backdrop is having black streaks imprinted on it by fans chosen at random” and “There are Braille translations of the interior artwork for @rihanna’s 8th studio album packaging.”

Rihanna posed for photos in front of the big unveiling.