This spells disaster for Tinashe.


Tinashe was dealt another setback, but this one is catastrophic.

Tinashe has been trying to release her new record, titled Joyride, for many months. She even embarked on a tour using that name with the hopes she’d eventually release the record in that time-frame, but after performing for several months, it was evident the album had no release date in sight. She ultimately cancelled the duration of the tour, citing “unexpected recording commitments.”

“I had planned this tour in support of Joyride, and as you know, the album has yet to be released,” she told fans.

Several weeks ago, Tinashe admitted her label wanted Chris Brown to feature on “Player” then explained the impending release. “Well, the album is facing delays, which many albums do, and right now I really don’t know when it’s gonna come out,” she said. “I just really wanted people to get excited about the album and introduce some new music to them. I got a lot of stuff in store so I just really want people to be excited about it when it drops.”

As we journey through 2016, each song off the record is making an early debut onto the Internet. Several weeks ago, Tinashe suffered a huge setback when six songs, presumably from the new album, titled “Same Old Me,” “Pour Your Love On Me,” “No To Me,” “Just A Taste,” “April Moon” and “Bullet” leaked. She also recorded a cover of Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” for a new Target TV spot, but it’s not clear if that would make the LP.

To make matters worse, her lead album title track “Joyride” was just given to Rihanna.

According to these screen caps via ATRL of an alleged conversation between Tinashe and a fan through direct message on Twitter, the song was passed along to Rihanna. She claims they removed all of her vocals.



What does this mean?

It means Tinashe most likely won’t keep the name “Joyride” for the forthcoming(?) record.

It also means Rihanna might have already started recording her ANTi follow-up… beginning with “Joyride.”

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