Whilst the poor guy is in bed.


Full-time trap princess, part-time pop star Rihanna, decided to pay renowned prankster Jimmy Kimmel back for his many years of April Fools tricks.

In a move some may call entertaining and others would label genuinely terrifying, Rihanna broke into Jimmy Kimmel’s home yesterday to perform her new single – “***** Better Have My Money” – complete with backing dancers, stacks of cash and ludicrous lighting, whilst the chat show host was asleep.

With the co-operation of Kimmel’s (presumably soon to be ex-) wife, Molly McNearney, Rihanna and her entourage promoted her latest musical endeavour to an unconscious Kimmel who likened the experience to a UFO landing. At one point Rihanna jumps on Jimmy’s bed and starts lunging at him, which, incase you’re curious, would have been the point at which I’d have defecated myself.

You can witness Kimmel’s ordeal here:

As well as proving that you shouldn’t ever allow her to know where you live, Rihanna also sat down with Kimmel and revealed that a music video for “***** Better Have My Money” is in the works and that she plans to make the meaning of the song clear in the video. “BBHMM” doesn’t seem like a track with too many complex thematic influences but maybe the visual will surprise us.

Would you like to be woken up by Rihanna screaming at you?