See what Rihanna looks like kidnapping someone.

Rihanna performed two vastly different songs on Saturday Night Live.

The booty twerking club anthem “***** Betta Have My Money,” more appropriately known as #BBHMM, couldn’t be further away from “American Oxygen,” Rihanna’s ode to iconic moments in U.S. history. However, that didn’t stop the Barbados beauty from performing both on SNL. Her first performance was “***** Betta Have My Money,” a vivid reenactment showing Rihanna kidnapping a side-chick who’s ******* and flailing about in the backseat (watch above) – possibly based off of true events. She followed that up with a lukewarm performance of “American Oxygen,” simply standing at the mic while black & white stills of famous historical moments flashed on giant screens behind her (watch below).

There isn’t much hype surrounding Rihanna’s latest musical releases these last few months because it’s difficult to get a grip on what she wants to convey to her listeners. It appears Rihanna’s released “FourFiveSeconds,” “American Oxygen” and “***** Betta Have My Money” in the hopes one would stick and rocket up the charts where she’s most comfortable, but unfortunately it’s left the Navy scratching their head.

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