Rihanna Overthinking Her New Album

Rihanna actually said something about her new music. Not really, but sort of.

She’s been awfully quiet regarding the theme of her new music, who’s collaborating with her, everything that’d keep fans and spectators satisfied. She even Bwahhaaaa-ed headlines speculating her direction. But in a rare moment of weakness, Rihanna gave in and talked a little about it.

While promoting her Rogue Man cologne at Ft. Belvoir Exchange on Wednesday, RiRi said she’s excited for its release:

“I can’t give you any hints of when it will drop. It’s going to be great, that’s all I’m going to tell you and I’m excited about it,” said the singer at a meet-and-greet Wednesday with fans at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

“I try to battle myself and outdo everything I’ve done and that’s been the hardest thing to do. You start overthinking things at times.”

Just let go, girl.

See what Ne-Yo has to say about Rihanna’s new music.

Super excited to hear where Rihanna’s taking us. Sure, she doesn’t write or conceptualize every hit of hers, BUT she owns any project she commits to and is great and keeping us on our toes.

Is the anticipation killing you too?