Rihanna Opens The Tattoo Parlor In ANTi Diary Saga

December 8, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Rihanna releases another teaser, but all we really want is the album.


When one door closes, another opens.

As is the case in Rihanna’s dreadfully confusing ANTi Diary marketing campaign she launched last month. We’ve seen her open doors to the bedroom and a closet, but we’re not entirely sure what for.

What we do know is Rihanna will embark on a world tour beginning Feb. 26 in San Diego, but perhaps to perform old hits considering her forthcoming record remains M.I.A.

Each Monday, a rumor begins circulating her single will surprise-drop that Friday, but as the weeks come and go, we’re left a little less enthused than the week prior. At one point, it was thought she’d debut exclusively on TIDAL before a world-wide release the following week, but industry experts warned she’d debut with less than stellar sales.

While we appreciate the effort her $25 million Samsung deal is helping facilitate, we don’t care about these promos. It’s time for the music.

Watch the latest installment, The Tattoo Parlor, below:

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