This is where her power was born.


Rihanna’s cryptic promo campaign continues…

We’re edging ever closer to the release of Rihanna’s 8th album and she’s making sure to tease us from every possible angle.

After opening her new website #ANTIdiaRy last week, it seems Rihanna will continually release a series of cryptic videos riddled with clues about the album until its FINALLY ready to drop.

The next stage of #ANTIdiaRy is the STUDIO. Ri starts off getting a bit Exorcist crazy in a futuristic recording booth:

Eagle eyed fans will note she is wearing a necklace with padlocks and keys on it, continuing the unlocking theme of previous videos.

This leads to the next video, consisting entirely of distorted voices:

“My voice is my power. Your face emerges from the shadows. The transmission is coming. The world will see who I am. I follow you into the darkness. We await the greatness that beckons. There is gold at the end of this journey. How do you drown out the noise? There is no end, only new beginnings.

New lyrics? Song titles?

Another similar snippet can be heard here:

No one knows what this campaign is leading to and, to be honest, this really should’ve been launched back in February. The baffling amount of time it’s taken to get to the point of building hype is a confusing tactic, because hype died down long ago. It’s not as though ANTI won’t sell, of course it will. This is Rihanna’s tenth year in the business, she’s no flash in the pan. The album IS called ANTI meaning she might be taking a real creative risk by letting hype build and fade before hitting us when we least expect it. In the post-Beyonce landscape, numerous artists are probably going to try a number of different campaigns to try to be the next gamechanger. She’s spent a lot of time already, but time will tell if Rihanna succeeds with…whatever her mission is.