Rihanna needs some better business advice.

Rihanna Negotiating To Launch Album Exclusively On TIDAL

Rihanna might follow in Beyonce & Jay Z’s footsteps and release her upcoming album exclusively on TIDAL.

Word on the street claims Rihanna will debut her forthcoming studio album solely on TIDAL, a move which would surely destroy the R8 era before it even began. Let’s face it, the new streaming service, which Jay Z earnestly asks us to give a shot before slamming it, has not taken off like he and his fellow share-holders like Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce hoped. Yes, it’s still developing and only two months old, but its reputation appears to be damaged beyond repair (at the moment, anyway). It’s understandable Jay and Bey want to promote TIDAL by releasing their album exclusively on it, but when you begin to pressure your predecessors is when things will go from bad to worse. Rihanna hasn’t seen much commercial success with her lead single, “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Kanye West or Paul McCartney, nor was there much impact with her followups “American Oxygen” and the club attempt for “***** Betta Have My Money.” At this point, launching an album exclusively on TIDAL screams utter desperation, and punishing her millions of fans that enjoy music through Spotify and iTunes will unfortunately set Rihanna back.

As BreatheHeavy already pointed out, rather than rectifying TIDAL’s many problems (namely its monthly cost and overall ethos), if this rumor is true, Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay Z will simply be putting a bandage over a bullet-hole – potentially drawing subscribers in for one or two ~exclusive~ records won’t solve the streaming platform’s PR crisis.

Their heart is in the right place, but asking users to pay $20 for music they can get seemingly free elsewhere is now their branded message and it doesn’t seem like any amount of exclusives (RE: Jay Z performing an exclusive concert) from a dozen artists will change that perception.

Rihanna, sweetie, don’t release R8 exclusively on TIDAL. Or do, but then don’t ask ******* where your money is.