Rihanna says opening the beauty sector was “organic.”


What’s ANTi?

We’re all for Rihanna launching a million and one projects considering how business savvy she is, but it’s a bit confusing hearing an announcement of yet another project from the “***** Better Have My Money” singer seeing as her forthcoming record, ANTi, remains unfinished.

What do we know, though?

Rihanna quietly launched a beauty and stylist agency called Fr8me. According to THR, the firm assists artists in booking commercials, editorial shoots, ad campaigns and red-carpet gigs.

“Hair, makeup and styling play an important role in creativity,” Rihanna said. “I am very involved with that part of my process, so this agency was an organic thing for me to do.”

She adds, “We are lucky enough to have some of the best artists at Fr8me, but I also have a soft spot for finding new talent with extraordinary skills!”

Rihanna has also started a photo agency named A Dog Ate My Homework.

It was reported earlier this week Rihanna filmed a music video which features custom latex bodysuits. Let’s see how the Barbados beauty handles her latest project in conjunction with her new album.

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