UPDATE: Alessia Cara clarifies.


Alessia Cara caught wind of the hoopla, and clarified. She was referring to ANTi. Also, Ughhhh. See what she has to say below:


Could we expect a new album from Rihanna this year?

If you’re part of The Navy, you’ll recall the ANTi release was complicated. As the pages on the calendar flipped, so did the rumors, but eventually Rihanna settled on a date in January last year. Word on the street was the pop star wasn’t entirely satisfied with the final project, but now that we’ve had a year and some change to watch its progress, the record performed extremely well. Record breaking well. And it has inspired Rih to start work on a followup.

Singer-songwriter Alessia Cara confirmed the news R9 is underway in a new interview, admitting she was tapped to write for the “Work” singer’s ninth studio album.

“I didn’t take a picture with her. I just met her, and it was awesome,” Cara said of the experience last year. “It was to work on her album which was crazy, so I just went in there, and was like, ‘hi great to meet you, I love you!’ Then I just kinda did my thing and left. It was awesome.”

Aside from ANTi, Rihanna rolled out projects almost every year since 2005’s Music of the Sun. Maybe she’s back on track? Her track.

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