Don’t mess with Riri.

Rihanna Gets Her Payback In

Visual is rated TV MA for language, ****** and violence.

Rihanna instilled a ton of terror (and excitement) when she dropped the teaser for her “***** Better Have My Money” preview after the 2015 BET Awards, and we couldn’t look away. On Thursday morning (July 2), the pop titan unleashed the 7-minute visual, which she directed with Megaforce, and it’s giving us some major “Dexter” vibes.

It all begins the same way that the teaser clip started. Bad Gal Riri kidnaps a woman in white in her apartment building and stuffs the ***** in a treasure chest, before taking her on the craziest ride of her life. Don’t underestimate the power of Rihanna because she means business. That ***** gets tied. up. That ***** gets drugged up. That ***** gets messed up.

Here comes the big ol’ catch … After taking the woman out and about, Rihanna ends up back at the apartment building, where we learn that the woman is actually the lover of the accountant that messed with the singer’s credit. At one point in the visual, Rihanna even checks her bank account to find that she only has a balance of $420, naturally. The accountant is that ***** that owes the pop star some dough, and he majorly screwed her over. So what happens when you mess with Rihanna? You get cut.

Back at the apartment, Rihanna shows off her set of knives and weapons, before the camera pans to the older man ******* in a chair. We fast forward to the opening shot of the video with the treasure chest to find a naked Rihanna with nothing but blood and dollar bills covering her body. Did the accountant die? You do the math.

Watch Rihanna’s “***** Better Have My Money” music video below!

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