Royalty united to raise awareness regarding HIV/Aids and the methods to protect people.

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Royalty united to raise awareness over HIV/Aids and the methods to protect people.

In an effort to rid the world of the shame and fear attached to the virus, Rihanna and Prince Harry took HIV tests to highlight World Aids Day.

According to the Daily Mail, both of their results came back negative.

“I want to say to everyone who hadn’t been tested – get tested, regardless of who you are, your background, culture or religion,” Prince Harry said. He’s been on a mission throughout the year to reduce the stigma surrounding the virus, which is manageable through treatment.

“Because of the success of these drugs, which is great, we are now suffering from complacency and risk going back 10 or 20 years.”

See a gallery of photos up top from their encounter, which included an appearance at the Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert at the Kensington Oval Cricket Ground.

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