A bop.

Rihanna and N.E.R.D. get acidic on new song “Lemon.”

The rumors were true! Rihanna and N.E.R.D. have a new song together. It’s titled “Lemon,” a trap-inspired bop that finds Rihanna sing-rapping.

Hey! Bad ******* wanna be my bae,” Pharrell sings. “Hey! Hold me down like the C.I.A
Hey! Side of my car, tryna see my face / Hey! Want me to beat it like the T.I. case.” And when it’s Rihanna’s turn, she goes in HAM. I get it how I live it / I live it how I get / Count the mothafuckin‘ digits / I pull up with a lemon / Not ‚cause she ain’t livin‘ / It’s just your eyes get acidic
And this here ain’t a scrimmage / Mothafucka, we ain’t finished / I told you we won’t stop / A ***** ‚bout his business.”

Watch the “Lemon” video below:

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