The ‘Suicide Squad’ soundtrack gets a little more menacing.


UPDATE: Rick Ross, Skrillex and The Joker star in the “Purple Lamborghini” music video:


Rick Ross and Skrillex have no mercy on their new song “Purple Lamborghini.”

Rick Ross spits fire over Skrillex’s menacing beat in the lead song off the Suicide Squad soundtrack. It’s sprawling with references to the upcoming film: “Forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun,” he says.

The track is sinister in its own right, and the music video, according to the pair, will match.

“Just expect cinematic gold,” Skrillex tells Zane Lowe during the premiere on Beats 1 today (July 21). “It’s something that is such a rare thing to have myself, and Ross, and the Joker-”

Lowe chimes in: “The Joker is in the video? Really?”

“He came up and it just brought another type of energy to the set,” Ross said. “He most definitely brought the Suicide Squad.”


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