Mariah Carey’s new “#1’s” album cover has arrived.

#RevealMariah Revealed

Mariah Carey’s social media sharing campaign has concluded.

Over the weekend, the elusive chanteuse encouraged her lambs to share the news of her greatest hits album cover announcement on Facebook and Twitter. The more shares, the faster the reveal.

The title of the compilation is “#1 To Infinity” and features all 18 of her Billboard Hot 100 number ones – also the setlist for her upcoming Las Vegas residency kicking off May 6.

The clever marketing campaign was a success! After thousands of shares, the artwork unveiled itself:

#RevealMariah Revealed: "#1 To Infinity"

Mariah looks stunning in the photo, regardless of the fact it’s practically a computer generated painting. At this point, we’ve accepted Mimi refuses to release a photo that hasn’t seen the liquify tool extensively, so we’ll just say it: the album artwork is predictably glamorous and pretty!

Mariah may have fired her entire team, but she’ll never drop her retouchers!

The album will be available for pre-order on her website at 10 am EST come Monday.

What do YOU think of Mariah’s new album cover art?

PS – don’t think we didn’t catch that infinity sign in the butterfly. Nice touch.