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Reunited And It Feels So Good! Missy Elliott And Fatman Scoop Hop On A Remix Of Ciara’s “Level Up”: Listen

Ciara teams up with Missy Elliott And Fatman Scoop on “Level Up.”


Ciara teams up with Missy Elliott And Fatman Scoop on “Level Up.”



Cici was quick to followup her lead single with a star-studded remix, and she did so with a few familiar faces.

Missy and Fatman Scoop hop on a remix of the singer’s latest release, “Level Up.” You may recall the trio teamed up on Missy’s 2005 hit, “Lose Control.”



When I first heard “Level Up,” I was a tad disappointed because it felt like an obvious move for Ciara, and I had an expectation she’d release something more experimental, but after a week and a few drinks later, I’m pleasantly surprised how much it’s grown on me. Maybe it’s because I low-key mastered the choreography from the video thanks to the viral social media dance challenge; it really impressed my neighbors – especially the sitting on the floor in a straddle and bouncing my legs part – that was a real hit.



Listen to the new remix below at midnight local time:



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