Never change, Lorde.

As pop stars goes, Lorde is one of the most self-aware. She’s always putting her fast and furious (and famous) life into perspective.

We’re days away from the singer’s sophomore album Melodrama hitting the net (June 16), and it’s already produced a couple of legitimately great songs, including “Green Light,” “Perfect Places” and “Sober.”

Lorde has talked at length about the album. “This feels like a young woman. I can hear the difference.” It’s also more grown up. “It’s like, ‘Oh, ****, I can’t be kind of **** if I want to for a second? Everything I do has to be, like, ‘library girl’?”

Here we are. Lorde is experiencing her twenties in front of the world, and some times that invasion of privacy can strip someone of their humanity. So what’s a girl to do? Start an Instagram account that reviews onion rings, of course.


New Zealand’s NewsHub believe they have found Lorde’s secret onion ring reviewing IG account (@onionringsworldwide). It had a total of 24 followers, which included Lorde, and according to them it was her most-recent follow on the social media app.

The site go into crazy detail about why they suspect she owns this account. Read the juicy, errr, fried claims here.

They even had the audacity to contact Lorde’s management about this, but shortly after the questions were submitted, the onionringsworldwide account was removed from Instagram. Good going, guys.

We may never know whether Lorde did indeed run @onionringsworldwide, but if she did then she’s secured a special spot in my heart for life.

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