NE: Demi Upset Britney's Ignoring Her

Now that Britney’s done with The X Factor, she has no time for lessers aka everyone. She’s reportedly “cut all ties” with Demi Lovato and “won’t return [her] calls,” claims the National Enquirer.

“Brit was so upset ‘X Factor’ producers had cooled on her — but kept Demi on — that she X’d out her ‘X Factor’ pal.”

Hmm, nevermind the fact Britney chose to leave to focus on making an epic new album that will slay everyone’s life.

“Demi’s hurt that Britney doesn’t want anything to do with her any longer.” She’s so upset about it, the “rejection could send Demi… around the bend.”

Welcome to every Britney fan’s life. However, sources confirm it’s BS!

In actuality, they’re besties and share their deepest secrets over popcorn while painting each other’s nails in Britney’s bedroom on her expensive down comforter she just had dry cleaned. Yep.