Report Claims Britney Freaks About Jayden’s Eye Injury

August 4, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney hit up the beach with her little boy Jayden on Wednesday, and this report might explain why we see J-dizzle without his big bro. Jayden suffered a serious eye injury during time with dad Kevin, reports In Touch.

According to a source, “Jayden was playing at Britney’s dad’s house earlier this week when he fell face-first into the edge of a cabinet. It just missed his eye.”

The injury required six stitches, and when Britney heard, she lost it. “She was so upset,” the insider says. “She thinks it’s because they weren’t being watched carefully. Even though they were with Britney’s dad at the moment, she still blames Kevin, and she demanded the kids be flown out to her in New York.”

The source continues to say Britney’s overreaction may also have to do with the fact that Kevin’s new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, is due to have her baby girl any day now. “She knows the baby is coming soon, and she’s jealous,” the source explains. “The kids were so excited and wanted to be there to welcome their little sister, but now it looks like they’ll have to miss it and be with Britney.”

“[Britney’s] already made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to make sure it doesn’t leave a big scar,” the source reveals. “It was really just kids being kids, but Britney is really upset about the whole thing.”

Image: INFDaily via