Is Cardi B done making money moves?

Is Cardi B done making money moves?

Cardi is an interesting position right now.

She’s one of the biggest acts in the world right now and has yet to release an album. That could all change before the end of summer, TMZ reports. It’s perfect timing to promote it on the road when she joins Bruno Mars on tour beginning in September.

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If Cardi is in fact 3-4 months pregnant right now, she won’t be in a state to properly promote / perform the record by then.

TMZ lists a number of lucrative obligations she’ll undoubtedly pull out of.



Aside from the many, many collaborations in the works, Cardi is supposed to begin filming a movie next month, is scheduled to perform at Coachella in April and has several commercial deals in the works. For someone as new and famous as Cardi, it’s not an ideal time to have a baby.

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Just how much mula could Cardi be turning away? Millions. For reference, the rapper banks around $100k a show and $60k for nightclub walk-throughs, TMZ reports.

Cardi has denied she’s pregnant several times in the last year. She even responded to a fan’s comment once that she wasn’t expecting, just fat. It’s high-key hilarious – see that here. TMZ seems pretty confident she is, however.

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