Report: Britney's New Single "Pretty Girls" Written By Little Mix

Rumor has it…

According to The Sun, Britney’s new single is called “Pretty Girls” and was written by UK girl-group Little Mix.

The British tabloid have also reported that the song will still feature Iggy Azalea and be released “within weeks.”

“Pretty Girls” was also produced by The Invisible Men (“Fancy”).

After deciding the song didn’t suit their own album, the band reportedly sent it to Britney who “loved it and wanted to pick it up for her own album as soon as she heard it.”

As we know, Album #9 is not on Britney’s agenda right now but will continue to release “a few great singles as they come.”

Plus, Britney herself confirmed the Iggy collaboration does exist and will be released at some point – so is “Pretty Girls” the song?

Listen to Little Mix’s song “Move” below, if you’re unfamiliar.