It’s Vegasney, *****!

Vegasney is making a comeback!

Britney Spears will reportedly launch a new Las Vegas residency in 2019, moving venues from the Axis Theater inside Planet Hollywood to The Park Theater inside Monte Carlo.

It’s worth mentioning Lady Gaga’s Vegas residency kicks off in December of this year at the same venue. Other stars that currently call the Park Theater home include Bruno Mars, Cher and Ricky Martin.

The report comes from a new quote in the print issue of Us Weekly. Sources tell them Britney has already “signed a deal” and will kick off the new show in 2019.

See what Exhale is saying about it.

“They made the offer and she couldn’t refuse,” their source said. The magazine mentions that performing in Vegas gives Britney the stability to balance her work life with family. “The schedule was perfect for her. Why not continue?”

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! A source told BreatheHeavy months ago this was happening (receipts). It appears the rumor just got a MAJOR push.

In other news, Britney is also reportedly readying a European festival tour of Piece Of Me this summer. If the rumors are true, Britney will give Piece Of Me one final bow before preparing a new show exclusive to Vegas. And with that show could come a new album. Glory songwriter Justin Tranter knows somethings in the works. This is all too much to handle.

If you missed seeing Britney perform in Vegas, you’ll get a second chance.

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  1. It’s hard to believe this is true…. it’s obvious her and the dancers are bored with the show, tied down to one place and all the choregraphies as they are. And with how energetic and happy they were all were during the international shows and on the final show, especially in the final moment… it’s very hard to believe this is true unless it’s done by force (i.e. her papa and Larry)…. which I wouldn’t be surprised since it’s easy money for them and they don’t really care for what’s better for her and the dancers.

    1. You very clearly don’t have kids and are a selfish fan. She wants to spend time with her boys and can’t drag them all over the world. Las Vegas lets her spend time with her boys AND perform. Or would you prefer her retire and just stay at home because she’d do that if there was no other option. It’s ‘hard to believe it’s true’ because you don’t want it to be.

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