Report: Britney In Process Of Petitioning Conservatorship

July 23, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Report: Britney In Process Of Petitioning Conservatorship

Instead of midnight runs to Rite Aid and Hollywood nightclubs, Britney’s taking her sons to the movies and getting lunch with her boyfriend; a big change from six years ago when her personal life publicly spiraled out of control leading her into a conservatorship overseen by her father and court-appointed lawyer.

While regaining her focus, Britney released two albums, performed two world tours and is gearing up again for the whirlwind Las Vegas will inevitably bring. She’s seemingly proven she’s capable of getting back control over her life without making the decisions that lead her down this path, and it looks like her hard work paid off.

It was reported Britney’s recent conservatorship status hearing with the judge last week was about her Vegas gig, but that was later confirmed not true. According to the Daily Mail, the meeting was a step towards dissolving the conservatorship.

“The conservatorship was made permanent but Britney is now in the process of petitioning to have the legal measure removed.”

Proud of her for turning things around; crazy how perspective changes over time.

Amanda Bynes started a fire on a woman’s driveway late Monday night and is currently being held on an involuntary hold for mental evaluation. Her parents are reportedly looking into a conservatorship.