Britney want Nicki Minaj to jump on a song for a future release off her next LP.


Anyway Britney, why they so jealous that you teamed up with me?

The rumors are heating up now that Britney’s ninth studio album has an unofficial release date in sight. The Britney Army is amped to know her lead single title is a song titled “Make Me (Oooh),” is produced by BURNS and its video shoot begins next Monday.

Waiting several weeks for a new single is torture for thirsty fans, but rest assured… new information will trickle in leading up to the release, including a new report Britney is enlisting Nicki Minaj for a feature on the upcoming LP.

“Britney has reached out to Nicki and has sent her tracks to see if she would like to do a verse or rap on any of her new music,” a source tells “It is between two or three songs right now that Britney wants Nicki to be on. They just have to mutually select the perfect one for a future single and video.”

My initial thoughts on a collaboration between Britney and Nicki is mixed. If the two crafted a song together that was slated for the album without plans for an official release, I’m in. If they’re aiming to make it a single, I’m out. The world needs a solo Britney track that washes out the bad taste from “Pretty Girls” and Britney Jean (minus “Work *****”) without relying on joint-star power.

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