Britney’s worried Simon won’t rehire her for next season’s The X Factor because of her big paycheck and the show’s average ratings. So upset, she “sobbed to fellow ‘X Factor’ judge Demi Lovato that she fears network execs will fire her from the $15 million gig,” reports the National Enquirer.

“Britney was in Demi’s dressing room, crying her eyes out because she’s cracking under the strain of producers constantly coaching her on how to be more outgoing, talkative and constructive on-camera.”

The supposed source claims Britney said: “They hate me,” and adds “she knows she won’t be back next season.”

Whenever Britney “sees the execs huddling and talking in hushed tones, she thinks they’re conspiring to get rid of her.”

Don’t get too emotional, sources tell GossipCop the story is “garbage.”

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