Britney’s upcoming album is already greatly anticipated amongst fans, and it’s only just begun! She confirmed on Twitter before the new year she’s focused on making music and working with new producers.

Writer Elijah Blake claims he started production on Album 8, as did Ina Wrolsden (“He About To Lose Me”).

Though much about the next installment remains a mystery, Brit’s rep tells the album’s in its early stages, but confirmed Britney is currently NOT working with Elijah Blake.

She is, however, working with Hit-Boy, who announced on the radio he’d love to team up with the pop queen. Will.I.Am also enlisted Hit-Boy (Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “N—-s in Paris,”) to craft an upcoming “Scream & Shout” remix.

Oh, and despite fans general resistance to Will.I.Am, he too is confirmed for Album 8.

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