She’s miffed Nicki didn’t respond.

Remy Ma didn’t get a reaction out of Nicki Minaj, so maybe this will.

Last week, Remy dropped a scathing 7-minute diss track titled “Shether” – a female adaptation of “Ether”, aka the track that famously saw Nas make a fool out of Jay Z back in 2001. It served as Remy’s response to Nicki Minaj’s digs at the rapper in several of her new features released the same week. I’m Team Nicki, but that night Remy ended the Barbz ringleader.

Hoping to get a response, Remy sat back and waited. Unfortunately for her, Nicki is just too damn busy filming music videos with Future and Gucci Mane to give a ****. The snub inspired Remy to head back into the studio and record a followup, appropriately titled “Another One.”

“I guess you know now who the head ***** is / I’m a savage, I be killing dead *******,” Remy raps. “I bet you wish you ain’t never said ****,” she spits. “Now they so busy shooting videos, and I’m like nah/ Where the **** is your song?/ I mean, come on.”

She’s relentless.

“Waited four days, ma, where you been?/ I came here in the ‘rari playin’ Lil’ Kim/ Don’t know what made you think that you could **** with Rem/ But I guess this is what I gotta do to make ya spit.”

Remy also alludes to have incriminating footage of Nicki. “Bet you wonderin’ how I know your problems?/ It’s a lot of people that you really bothered/ They was selling footage and you know I bought it.”

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The cherry on top was Remy’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. She dressed in a funeral-inspired outfit because “My grandmother told me to never speak ill of the dead.”

Eye roll.

She also explained the beef. “I feel that is weird because she’s been doing this to a lot of females, from Lil Kim to Mariah [Carey], to Taylor [Swift], to Hannah [Miley Cyrus], and no one says anything. It wasn’t necessarily the little subliminal stuff on records because I didn’t care. I don’t care about records. I’ve spoken to her before — like whatever, you’re supposed to say ‘I’m the best,’ whatever. It was the behind-the-scenes things that you people would never know about, as far as trying to keep me off of red carpets and trying to make sure awards don’t go to me or she’s not going to be in attendance or trying to get people to make bad reports about my album sales or just anything that I’m doing, to make me look less and make her look better.”


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