UGH, I know what you’re thinking: “2 polls in 1 day, Jordan?”

I know, I know. But this one decides the fate of Britney’s future and her well-being. OK, not that deep. But it DOES help decide what the 4th single will be!

As of now, “Unusual You” is winning’s poll asking readers what the next “Circus” single should be with 25% of the votes.

“Kill The Lights” is close behind at 20%. ZZZZZZZZZZ.

Keep voting for “Unusual You” for single #4!

“Kill The Lights” can be the safe track to conclude the “Circus” era, ya dig?

Hope this isn’t violating Britney’s rights to publicity and privacy!

PS – it makes me sick linking to them after they treated me like ****. But, I’ll take one for the team. VOTE!

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