Carly Rae Jepsen is having trouble narrowing down a tracklist for her forthcoming album.

Carly Rae Jepsen is having trouble narrowing down a tracklist for her forthcoming album.

I have a sneaking suspicion why that might be.

Jepsen has been hard at work on her forthcoming studio for a couple of years now. After 2015’s E•MO•TION, pop music’s Tinkerbell has a bit of pressure to surpass the acclaim she received for that, but she’ll try. The singer says she has more than one hundred songs to choose from.


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Two thoughts immediately come to mind. OKAY WOW THAT’S A LOT OF MUSIC THAT I NEED ACCESS TO, but I’m also wondering if 80 of them are subpar and now she’s beginning to second guess the direction of the LP.

People mag asked CRJ what we can expect from the new album.

“I don’t really know the answer to that quite yet because I am still in the thick of it,” she said. “It’s definitely starting to take shape, but it’s always been my process to really write and experiment and allow myself to go in a bunch of different directions before I select the songs that seem to be sticking out the best or seem to be connecting with not just me, but my bandmates and my family and friends.”

She added: “Late night on the ship’s deck when we were on the [Carnival] cruise, after the show we went and sat out on the patio, and the boys and I went through a listening party of something like 100 songs — to start to narrow down our favorites. I find them to be extremely helpful in that because it’s hard to have perspective when you’ve just been in the studio for so long and working so hard with it; it’s great to have friends who care and are invested enough to give their opinions and help narrow it down.”

A third thought just popped up: she’s STILL IN THE THICK OF IT? I had hoped the “Run Away With Me” singer was nearing its completion, but Carly admits she’s not sure what the vibe of it is yet.

“When I was going into the making of the album, there was a real desire for the sort of understated disco,” Carly continued. “But it’s funny because even with intention to go in one direction, that can always be a jumping point; that doesn’t necessarily end up where we land. Sometimes I’ve found that we were able to pull that off and other times it just took, like, left and right turns, and I’m like: Have we made a mambo, what’s going on?”


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She adds: “I think we have a great variety of songs to choose from right now, and it is important to me that there is cohesiveness to the album. Until it’s selected, I’m not able to completely say what that is, but I would say I’ve been very, very lucky in terms of who I’ve been able to work with and every time I get in the studio regardless of if the song is going to make the album or not, I always feel like the people are teaching me something about songwriting and the craft in general.”

2018 needs you, Carly.

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