She’s coming.

Fergie’s Double Dutchess is definitely on the way.

Better late than never? Fergie’s forthcoming record leaked in its entirety last month. BreatheHeavy wrote a thought piece about what she should do next (short version: RUSH-RELEASE NOW NOW NOW).

It appears the pop star has finally committed to a date. Though we still don’t know when the record will drop, she did announce a pre-order date of August 25. It appears the rumors of a September release were true.

In the time since the leak, Fergie has rolled out promotional videos like nothing ever happened. They’re all a bit like the latest announcement – black & white, jarring clips that are visually appealing but don’t make any real sense.

It might be too little too late, but I’m thrilled Fergie has finally locked in a date. Watch the new video below:


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