You know our world doesn’t have its priorities straight when the negative news shadows the positive in such an overwhelming manner. Yesterday, “Jeff” gave an exclusive interview to X17, an L.A. based paparazzi agency that has been very friendly to Britney as of late. Jeff, an alias he used with X17, cleared up huge mysteries and rumors about Britney that her fans have been wondering for months: Why she shaved her head, how she deals with the negative press, her family, her sons, Kevin, even the custody battle. Her life isn’t as perplexing as the media makes it out to be.

Alli has been with Britney through the thick and thin. I dare someone to challenge her sincerity towards Britney. Many of you see her the way the media wants you to see her, but don’t know much about her. Britney only trusts a select few, Alli being one of them.

Sean & Jayden are innocent, and mean the world to Britney. Britney is a loving and nurturing mother to those boys. Anyone who says otherwise clearly works for Star, Us, and OK.

Britney is in good hands with her bff Alli and “Jeff.” She is a strong woman, and is going to make it through this media frenzy. Britney you are one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Don’t let bold yellow letters and paparazzi cameras bring you down. Hope I make you proud.

Peace & love, and remember… don’t believe everything you read.


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