Lady Gaga’s new album is shaping up to be ‘The Fame’ 2.0.


LG5 could feature a lot of RedOne, and we’re here for it.

Details surrounding Lady Gaga’s fifth studio album continue to trickle onto the Internet, including the revelation by producer RedOne who says he’s crafted eight songs for the record thus far, confirming what he said at the Billboard Music Awards in May.

“All I know is that we did eight great songs so far, and I think we have incredible songs,” he tells People. “I remember when I met her first. I told my wife, ‘This girl is gonna be the next Madonna.’ That’s what I felt,” says RedOne, who released his new solo single “Don’t You Need Somebody” last month. “And when we did ‘Just Dance’ and all the music we were doing, it was different; it was special. I wanted to break a new sound. I didn’t want to follow every producer that was doing the same thing. And I did that sound, and it worked, and it changed music in the world: Dance music broke after that.”

RedOne is responsible for some of Gaga’s most iconic hits, including “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” off 2008’s The Fame, “Bad Romance” and “Monster” off The Fame Monster in 2009, “Judas” from 2011’s Born This Way and “Gypsy” which was featured in 2013’s ARTPOP.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait at least until her second LG5 single to see a video for one of his tracks. In a separate recent interview, RedOne confirmed things are a bit up in the air.

“I don’t know where she is musically or mentally right now,” he said to French MCM, reports Gaga Daily. “We tried to recreate the magic together in the studio and I think we have some amazing songs, but then again, she’s very busy. At some point, one of [the songs] was going to be the first single, but then it changed. I don’t know what happened.”

Actually, he’s not sure of any of his songs will make the cut.

“It’s up to her: It’s her album, it’s her creative process, it’s her world, and I’ll be happy for her whatever way she takes it,” the hit-maker continues in his interview with People. “She’s my sister. I want her to succeed, and I love her. She’s just such an amazing artist.”

As for what the songs they’ve recorded sound like? RedOne remained tight lipped: “It’s a mixture of classic music and futuristic, too – I didn’t want to go too far from what she is. We kept it [similar to] what Gaga is, what she’s done all these years. It’s special.”


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