The mystery of “Rebellion” lives on…

Jeff Dandurand, who told Britney fans to join a live chat on Sunday for their chance to get their hands on the most sought-after unreleased track from Brit, cancelled the event. He decided AFTER BreatheHeavy posted the news about “Rebellion’s” debut that he’d charge fans $20 to join the chat…

He posted on Facebook:

“It was never intended to be “leaked”. I organized this to announce a compilation for the late Christopher Notes. The compilation would feature “Rebellion” and is in the process of being able to get distribution and appropriate backing. My intention was to give a couple participants the compilation with the desired track. Somebody started saying I was” leaking” the song and now we are likely not able to go ahead with our intended programs. I was going to send out discs or downloads to those who participated anyways but now with negative voices and accusations of “leaking” tracks it sure doesn’t feel right. The completed track exists publicly on a 5 song compilation sent out several weeks before ‘Blackout’. Scott Storch is the listed producer and it was serviced to South American markets to my knowledge. This much sought after promo is another item I was going to give out therefore not going against any legalities. Anybody who sent me money for the ticket will be re-imbursed by weekends end. I am a music fan first and am sorry if my event made you feel scammed or mislead.”

Dandurand sent BreatheHeavy an email last week contradicting what he said above:

Will take questions about ‘Rebellion’, ‘How Embarrassing’ and the music industry.
Will Win The Upcoming Compilation ‘Last Notes….Best Of Christopher ‘Notes’ Olsen’
It features the Original Rebellion Track he and Dandurand
Wrote/Recorded/Produced With Britney Spears. Also features Note’s
Two Spears Remix. Two Lucky Fans Receive Advance Copies And The Rebellion

Man… he totally blew it! Too bad he couldn’t just leak it with the intention that millions of people would enjoy a song they’ve wanted forever. Instead, he was in it for the fame.

Such irony; money is the root of all evil, hence “Rebellion”. Looks like it just wasn’t meant to be.

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