She’s not a little girl anymore.

Rebecca Black wants you to know she’s not a little girl anymore.

Black burst onto the scene with her cringe yet glorious music video for “Friday.” Since then, she’s worked hard on revamping her image, and “Foolish” is a clear indicator of that.

The song is an infectious electro-bop that will, excuse the pun, get you higher than the moon. But the video is where things take a turn. She hasn’t gone full blown Bangerz Miley Cyrus on us yet, but Black is aiming for a more mature look.

In the clip, the budding pop star is partying in a club with a young dude (and a Daft Punk-inspired guitarist) and singing on top of a car in a shimmering silver jacket. She and her boy toy end up ditching the scene and jump in a pool sans clothing and proceed to make-out.

“The directors and I really wanted to capture what people feel and do when we begin to fall in love,” she tells EW. “We take risks and try new things in order to learn new sides of ourselves — I don’t think anyone ever leaves a relationship the same person as they were before.”

Ahh, to be young and in love. The video is fine, but the song is a real gem. Check it out:

Keep an eye out for Black’s forthcoming EP out this summer.

And just cause it’s Friday.

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