RCA President: "Britney Jean" Showcases New Side Of Britney

“Britney Jean” is one of the biggest fourth quarter albums this year, Peter Edge, RCA’s president/COO and CEO tells Billboard.com today.

We’re feeling really good about the Britney album. We’re not quite sure how the credits are gonna be, but Will.i.am’s really the main creative on the album — but he won’t be the only one. He has a lot of great songs. There’s a song we feel fairly strong will be the second single called “Perfume.” It was written by Sia and could be a big career song. It’s more of a downtempo song, but people are amazed at the quality of her vocals on it. She sings it beautifully and it has a real sincerity to it. And it’s outstanding — I think people are not only gonna be surprised but also see another side of Britney. There’s a lot more personal content on this album than we’ve seen from her in the past.

Sounds like “Perfume” will definitely be the second or third single!