He’s doing well.

KidShyne is a beast on his brooding new track, “Way Up.”

The 19-year-old rapper wants his friends and family from back home to know he’s doing more than alright since picking up and moving to La La Land to pursue a career in music.

“Having just moved to LA from a small town, I basically wanted to deliver the message of ‘I’m doing well’ to the homies back at home and let them know what I’ve been up to,” KidShyne tells BreatheHeavy.com of his John Major (A.K.A thisislvrk)-produced song, “Way Up.”

“I tried to incorporate some events that’ve happened to me over the span of the 8 months I’ve been living in LA into “Way Up”. It’s also a huge message to the haters hence ‘when i make it, don’t you say you knew me then.’ Since I moved to LA, and ex-haters see me out here making moves, they’ve been trying to be all buddy-buddy with me over social media.”

Take a quick glance at his Instagram @itskidshyne. Yeah, he’s doing well. He added: “I want people to feel the youth and the message within the song. You can do anything you put your mind too. As for me, I’m here and here to stay.”

And it’s no accident we’re getting G-Eazy vibes from KidShyne. “Young Gerald has had a great impression on me for the couple of years I’ve been rapping,” he continued. “His dapper, unique-style, flow, and delivery opened up a whole new door to me. I incorporate a mix of a couple of my rap inspirations into my style, curating my own unique, youthful, and energetic sound.”

Listen to “Way Up” below:

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