Demo Supposedly Meant For Britney Spears Appeared On Beats App

October 23, 2015 By Jordan Miller

The thirst for new Britney music is strong.

We can’t explain this one, so we’ll just tell you what happened.

Out of nowhere this week, a demo under Britney Spears’ official account on the Beats music app offered a song titled “Gurl.” Often times, The Britney Army creates a rumor for the sake of something to chat about, but this time fans took to social media to prove it was the real deal.

It did not feature Britney’s vocals, and has since been removed, but it looked like this:

We Shazammed the song in question, and it lists the title by someone named Amy Brett which dropped August 28 of this year. The instrumental can also be heard in this song by Dylane Dav.

Though the facts are given, it didn’t warrant a logical response. Fact is, a song appeared on one of the most sought after pop stars on the planet, and we like to believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The track is a stuttering mess, but there’s no denying it serves sass with a side of attitude. It also gave us a stomach ache, but it’s a tiny crumb to munch on while we eagerly await new tunes from the legendary miss Britney Spears.

Listen here:

******* my down to my gurl.