Radio Station Interviews "Stunt Britney" To Ask Funny Business

Britney gave another radio interview, this time to Mojo in the Morning in Michigan, and before she got on the line the DJs discussed their distaste leading up to the call because the label explicitly told them no personal questions, no relationship questions and “no funny business.”

During her time in Vegas, Britney says she’s going to hit up some of the world-famous buffets and possibly check out the Chippendales show with her mom.

One question Britney hasn’t answered in a long time is: What’s left for Britney Spears?

“There’s a lot I haven’t done. I haven’t done musicals, broadway, television. There’s a lot of stuff I have on the table that I want to do.”

The DJ mentions she did The X Factor, but she says it wasn’t her passion.

They bring on a “stunt Britney” after the real Britney gets off the line to answer questions the real Britney won’t answer (or even get asked).

Check it out: