Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!!!

To me, Valentine’s Day means spreading the lovvvvve (I was a hippie in my last life, swear). Give Britney some love by showing her the support she needs!

Half-a-dozen BreatheHeavy readers emailed in about a poll 106.1 KISS fm is conducting regarding Britney’s “If U Seek Amy” song. Apparently, the station is unsure whether to continue playing the song, or give in to paranoid, conservative “parents groups.”


You may have heard the new Britney Spears song being played on 106.1 KISS FM… but what you don’t know is that we have received some mixed reviews about the song. In fact, we have a request from a concerned parents group to stop playing the song entirely. But we want to know what YOU think. So – please take a minute to submit your vote below and be heard on KISS FM!”

Head on over to 106.1 KISS fm and vote the “Play the song” option.

As of now, 94% of readers believe the station should continue playing the song, while 6% want 106.1 to cease. I want that **** 99:1.

I expect an on-air shout-out on 106.1 KISS fm for BreatheHeavy this weekend.

Ha, just kidding… Well, half kidding.

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