Awkwardness ensues.

Awkwardness ensues.

Harry Styles is amidst a promotional whirlwind right now. His forthcoming self-titled album drops this Friday (May 12), and he wants as many people to know about it. That means the British pop star is more accessible than ever, and some of the media use that to their advantage. Take this radio interview for instance – the interviewer had no qualms asking Harry whether his new song “Sweet Creature” is about Louis Tomlinson.

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For those that are scratching their heads… many One Direction fans believe the two had a relationship together but were forced to hide it for the sake of the band’s appearance.

It’s actually a conspiracy theory that’s haunted them. BreatheHeavy even wrote a delicious thought-piece on it. Despite them and their band mates attempting to clear the air for years, the rumors continue to run rampant. It even popped up in this new interview when the the DJ asks Harry to clarify.

In short, Styles says he prefers to leave the song’s meaning open for interpretation, but isn’t inclined to have us believe it’s about Louis. He stumbles through the answer the best he could, but clearly he’s uncomfortable. Listen:

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